Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cinnamon Ornaments

This week has been rough. Fritz is both swamped with work and staying late at the office. Mattias  picked up a 24 hour stomach bug somewhere. I've got Stuff preventing me from keeping up with the housework. It's not so much The Mess as my inability to figure out how to address it that puts me on edge. And there's my pledge to help USPS by snail mailing Christmas cards all around the world. I treasure the arrival of cards and letters and photos in the mail and solemnly swear to return the favor each year. And I do. And I'm almost done...However! However. However:

Today, the boys and I made cinnamon dough ornaments. I have always loved the fact that these ornaments smell - it makes unpacking the decorations all the better. Although, the color on last year's turmeric salt dough ornaments was a lot more fun against the green tree.

We put on our spin on the cookie cutter ornament theme. We reused the straw technique to punch holes in the christmas tree ornament. (Good thing the furnace man left all the straws he found in the vent.) Noah's accuracy improved greatly over the last year. This year, he actually made the christmas tree ornament by himself. We used nested cookie cutters to make 'outlines.' I had to do that myself, but with a different nested set of cookie cutters? Well, maybe there would be some hope of self-sufficiency. We experimented with sticking cloves in the star. The boys love sticking things in things. That sounds wrong...but it's true. Don't worry, I'm exploiting it appropriately.
I was able to dry these in the food dehydrator. Which is pretty much a godsend, because if you've ever made cinnamon dough ornaments before, you know that drying them on parchment paper and flipping them every 8 hours (so they don't curl) for 3-4 days is tedious.

There are lots of recipes for these on the internet. I'm partial to the versions without applesauce, because I like my ornaments to smell like cinnamon as much as possible. Aside from that, my other piece of advice is: add the water slowly as you knead. You'll know when the dough is ready.

Back to my cards. The weekend is almost here. Hurray!

Edited to add: recipe we used is here.


Shalini said...

I need something to do with the boys for the next two weeks (help!), and this is awesome. I think I'll do a mix of the turmeric and cinnamon. Thank you!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Cinnamon is my favorite smell of the holidays! The ornaments look very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Can you, please, write the recipe for the dough. Where I come from there is no apple sauce and I do have many recipes for cookies but wouldn't like to experiment with ornaments and cause much grief and dissapointment. :) Thank you!