Monday, January 24, 2011

One Photo, Three Thoughts, Two Lessons

Dumb Idea: Giving a 3-year-old a bedroom with it’s own bathroom.  Fortunately, playing with toilet paper is messy, but harmless and relatively cheap (no toys, still). Buys me a few minutes to play on the internet.

Noah’s “making” Radiergummi. Erasers. As in, pencils have erasers on the ends. He got the idea from a Sendung mit der Maus Podcast. (Here's the video online.) Sendung mit der Maus is the best children’s program I’ve ever seen. It’s unfortunately in German, but someone should be translating it. Really. Every week they put together a small documentary for kids on a different topic. We download the podcasts and watch them on our computers. Here's one on YouTube for how they put stripes in toothpaste. It’s one of my favorites; I think you can understand it without understanding the German (rap). Now you can impress your friends with your toothpaste knowledge! The previously mentioned lost socks in a front-loading washer here.  Isn't it great all the stuff you can find on the internet?

Gotta go before Noah adds some real water from his bathroom to the play kitchen sink.  I’m pretty sure that’s part of his own special Radiergummi process. I don’t want to see what that looks like with the toilet paper.  

3. Updated
Noah DID add real water to the Radiergummi.  After carefully explaining how bad it is to spill water all over the wood floors, and hide soaking wet clean-up towels in the play kitchen cupboards, AND showing him how NOT fun it is to clean up wet toilet paper, we decided to lock the door to his bathroom for a week, so that he can't use it. We reviewed our decision with Noah, to make sure he understands why this is happening.  Of course, the decision means all of Noah's bathroom accoutrements are now in OUR bathroom.  

That includes: special toilet seat, normal toothpaste, special toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush holder, special flossing devices, hairbrush, small stool for the toilet, big stool for the sink, bubble bath, kids shampoo, and rubber duckies. 

Argh. Isn't that why we just bought a house with more than one bathroom?

Call it whatever you want. Discipline. Consequences. Manipulation. Once again, it appears to be disproportionately affecting me.  

The second lesson?  Get off the internet, Mommy.


Pregnantly Plump said...

But the creativity is good, right?

Ginger said...

It always seems like the "consequences" affect mommy and daddy as much as, if not more than, the kids.
Funny, that means my mom was right all those years that she said "trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you." (groundings and taking toys away and the like).

Dan and Amanda Meyer said...

Egen has a walk-in closet in his room that serves as his "laboratory." I really don't know exactly what he's concocting in there, but I just shut the door and leave it alone. Maybe you can find a "laboratory space" for your oldest!

GrowWhereYouArePlanted said...

This reminds me of my son when he was three. He thought that a styrofoam packing piece that had holes in it looked like a great ladder. He decided to prop it against a three-foot high concrete pillar that he wanted to climb - and then he proceeded to (try to) do just that. Needless to say, it didn't work. Instead, as the styrofoam gave way under his weight, his chin came crashing down on the top of pillar, splitting wide open. Definitely NOT a pretty sight. This necessitated a frantic trip to the emergency room for stitches to close the wound. The doctor left the stitches long so they could easily be taken out. My son then walked around telling everyone he had a "beard." Creative kids - what can you say? They keep life interesting?!