Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No toys

I gave up on decorating my house about 2 years ago.  Now I just try to buy beautiful looking toys so that when they are scattered across the floor and covered in gooey-ness, the house still looks good.  Kinda.

(image removed)

Fritz decided that a better strategy might be to make Noah clean up after himself. Can you imagine? Apparently, Noah's very good at cleaning up at school, so he thought it would work at home, too. Need I tell you there was a revolt? The other night, Fritz threatened to take all the toys (that were still laying on the floor at Noah's bedtime) to his office at work.

My mother called in the midst of the cleaning-up revolt, and offered her firm support for taking the toys away.  Need I tell you she thinks the piccolini have too many toys?

That was two days ago.  The decorations toys are gone.

And Noah doesn't seem to miss them one bit.

Maybe he does have too many toys?  Or he's just really into parental manipulation. Need I tell you I miss the toys?

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Ginger said...

Oh, I would miss those toys too--they look cool!