Thursday, June 30, 2016

Blog Challenge with a Clown Costume Reward

This summer I would love to learn about some new blogs and have a bit of motivation to keep blogging.

So I had this idea: join me in blogging regularly (2x a week) for the months of July and August. I'll enter your blog in a drawing and will personally make the winning blog a custom clown costume for Halloween. The clown costume could be for you (I'd love an excuse to try an adult size costume!) or it can be gift for a little one. Your choice! There are examples of costumes in my Etsy Store.

This isn't about building an email list, or beefing up my social media accounts. I'm just looking for other bloggers to join me, and I'm trying to find a good motivator for others. Therefore, you can enter either by 1) sending me an email with your blog at at gmail dot com OR 2) leave a comment with a link to your blog. Then, make sure you blog twice a week for the month of July and August. Maybe you've always considered starting a blog, but need a little incentive? Maybe you already do this; all the better! I'll give each blog a number and use a random number draw to choose the winner at the end of August. The only caveat is that I can only ship within the USA. If you are outside the USA, and would still like to enter, you can, but the cost of shipping will be your responsibility.

This blog is neither monetized, nor does it have a very wide audience, so please feel free to share this challenge via word of mouth. (I'd be really sad if nobody entered!)

Ready? Set. GO!

Don't be shy! Please join us anytime in July!


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's a fun idea! I will certainly try to blog twice a week. I've been really bad about it recently... Congrats on the wedding clown costumes! Very cool!

Ann Wyse said...