Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tradition Overload

We managed to get the advent calendars up. That's right, calendarS. We have three. One for Noah. One for Mattias. And I decided the other one is for Fritz and I to share, although it's actually Noah's. I've got all the stuff to fill them, but, um...
I am having trouble trusting the boys not to take everything out all at once. I decided to fill ONLY the pocket for the next day on the night before. Probably a missed opportunity to teach the boys about trust, huh? Or maybe I should sit an elf on the shelf and let the elf teach them?
Boys disassembling advent calendars
However, this business of filling the advent calendar pocket each night?

Makes me feel like I'm Santa Claus. Or the Christkind, if we were still living in Bavaria.

But no! This isn't Santa Claus. Or the Christkind.

I say to Noah, "What did Santa – "


"– no, Saint Nikolaus –"

BEEP! No! Wrong! 

"– I mean, me! What did I put in your advent calendar the other night?"

Because I'm obviously old and forgetful. Sheez.

Noah, at 4 years old, is still and also confused by our plentiful blending of December traditions.
It might help me to write down all the traditions we're suppose to cover. And when. And by whom.

Instead, I've listed most of the stuff we're giving in the advent calendars here. (So far this year, we are avoiding Traditional Chocolate Overload.)


Pregnantly Plump said...

The stackable advent calendar is cool! We don't do that, but I'm sure Little Elvis would tear through every day if he could.
As for the Elf, that thing scares me!

Ann Wyse said...

The elf scares me a little bit, too! We have one, but he's still in storage. I'm hoping to keep him there.

Anonymous said...

The pastor at our church pointed out that the real St. Nicholas didn't qualify his giving by requiring acceptable behavior. But doesn't the modern day version have a companion who doles out consequences for naughty children? Maybe we are too far removed from the original and pure purpose of this icon.
I recently read some advice on preparing children for Christmas. The advice was to first ask them what they would like to give (to their friends, siblings, etc.) before asking what they want to receive. That seems like a great way to get started in the right direction.
When in doubt (or under stress) a good friend of mine always says "Simplify." How about rotating the Advent calendars each year. A different one each year might be more fun - just like my friend who rotates the theme of her Christmas tree decorations. (Wink, wink, Ann.)

Ann Wyse said...

Oh, Anonymous Mom, you know I'm really, really good at spoiling - I mean - indulging? - the boys. I promise your grandsons get excessive modeling of 'original and pure' giving, even without St Nick. ;-)

And just today, Noah made a tape sculpture for you. But since it's covering the stair railing, you might need to fly out here to retrieve it.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait! Any creative endeavor needs to be appreciated and celebrated! Just like all those flat, floppy creatures made with "pa-pa" years ago.

(For all of you who weren't around during Ann's language acquisition years, "pa-pa" rhymes with "dada" and it's what Ann called play dough until she was 2 years old. Why she couldn't say "play dough" when she could very distinctly and convincingly say "But, Mommy, I NEED it!" whenever she was trying to persuade her poor mother into something her little heart desired, will forever remain a mystery.