Thursday, September 22, 2011

Argh. Naps.

Now that Noah is in school five days a week, and we have the (almost) same schedule everyday, I have vowed to get Mattias's miserable, irregular napping under control. Because it's messing up everything. Really. I'll be happy when he just drops his naps. I know, I know, I am tempting fate by typing that out when he's only 18 months old. But his napping really is wrecking havoc on everything from playdates to preschool pickups to lunches to evenings spent alone with Fritz.

Like now. It's 10:30am and he's napping. It makes no sense. He should have consolidated to one nap a day. Or I should ORDER him to consolidate. Ha! All summer long he was pushing noon (which would be perfect!) but now that Noah is out of the house he can't seem to hold it together. Over the weekend, I fed him a spoonful of sugar to keep him awake for half an hour. Literally. If Mary Poppins can do it with medicine, I should be able to do it to counteract a nap, right?

I don't know. I really don't. He's going in for a Well Child next week, so I'll definitely be asking about this. Until then - and probably AFTER then as well - I'll be blaming myself and biting my lip, wondering if I should go get some sugar from the pantry. Terrible, no?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am back...
My boy (third child) took an early nap, too, for the longest time. It was perfect in terms of getting things done around the house while the girls were in preschool. He woke up, ate lunch and we picked them up. They kept him busy during the afternoons - and yes, dinner time was early and not very peaceful because he was tired. And morning activities were somewhat limited...But then he would go down for the night before the girls and I had some time for them to read and talk and put them to bed. Sounds perfect, ha - no, it was not always like that...but that was my DREAM! May your dream come true, too!!!

Ann Wyse said...

You're right - I might need to adjust my dreams - or plans. Nice to see you're back! Hope you were having too much fun at Wiesn. ;-)