Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flip Flop

This week, the boys and I are in Rhode Island, visiting my family: a fact I decided to share since poor Fritz returned to Denver to guard over the homesite earlier in the week.

We're taking a nice, luxurious two week trip because I'm a Stay at Home Mom. I figure long vacations are one of the possible perks and I should take advantage.

Also, August is a really weird month. Camps are few and far between, no swim lessons and while some schools start, they don't start until the middle of the month AND Noah's school doesn't start until September. In short, it felt like August was going to be a limbo month. And a HOT limbo month. Out of town and into the cooler weather seemed like a good idea.

Yesterday, I left the boys with Grandma and headed out to shop for me, all by myself.  I'm relishing the fact that I was able to write that sentence, by the way. There's no grandma in Denver. And the last time I went shopping for me and without the boys was when I was pregnant with Mattias. (Woe is me.) So, it's been a while.

One night, just before leaving for Rhode Island, Fritz wanted to go out and grab a bite to eat - boys in tow, of course - and I said, "Yes, sure! Let me just change into something without stains all over it!" and I bopped into our bedroom, pulled out every single piece of CLEAN clothing in my drawers, only to discover that even the CLEAN washed clothes have stains. I confess to being very casual - maybe even lazy - about clothing.  But I fear the lack of clean clothing without stains crossed a line.

Maternity fashion being what it was in 2009, and other recent shopping trips dating back to 2006 and 2007, I was VERY pleased to discover that short midriff-y-ish tops are really, finally, GONE. Why, yes, I do live under a rock! Low cut jeans? Fewer and farther between. That makes me so happy because I look horrible in those styles. I don't know why the fashion industry insists on changing clothing styles all the time. (Okay, that's rhetorical, I DO know why.) I sure I'm not alone when I write that most of us have imperfect bodies that look decent in one or two styles of clothing. Really, style should change with BODY TYPE not with the YEAR.

Post shopping trip I have some clothing without stains. They are in styles that work with my body type. It was hard to resist buying clothes that I would deem more appropriate for someone with a paying job. Of course, there is always that little voice in the back of my head saying "WHERE do you think you are going to wear THAT?" I'm not talking about anything dramatic here - just things like, lined pants, you know? I really liked and wore lined pants once upon a time. Well, whatever.

Obviously, the whole experience made me feel empowered, because I'm about to ask for something more: this fall, can we finally pack up our flip flops for good? I'm prejudiced by the fact that my own feet are ugly and I've always felt left out on this trend; but really, most of us don't have particularly nice feet, even with a pedicure. In flip flops, our feet get covered in dust and dirt as we walk around, we make slappy noises that announce our comings and goings, we shuffle awkwardly instead of walking confidently, and we're much more likely to trip and fall and injure ourselves. Flip flops really don't present our better selves. Surely there are other affordable options? Like ballet flats? Can we please, please say goodbye to flip flops and move on? Without noise, dirt, sloppiness, and bodily harm?

I know, I know, who does that mom in the stained clothing think she is?

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Meredith said...

Congrats on the new wardrobe and the extended vacation! We used to do that when we lived near D.C., and it was always a nice retreat to visit family that wanted to carry, hug, feed and love on Little Elvis. He also welcomed the extra attention.
As for flip flops, I'm not the biggest fan. I have some leather thong type ones that cover more of my feet. I don't mind those, but we stay away from the cheap flip flops -- for all of us!