Hi! I'm not really Ann Wyse. I'm also not a writer - nor do I want to be. 

But I am a mother. And a wife. I'm a constant critic and question-asker, because I think we need that to make the world a better place. I'm an architect, although I haven't practiced in several years.

I'm a stay at home mom. (I might start to say I'm a Sequencing Mom, but first I'll need to prove that's actually what I'm doing!) I'm American, but I married a German, Fritz. We lived in Munich for years, then we moved to Colorado. We have three kids: Noah, born in Spring 2007, Mattias, born in Spring 2010, and Trixie, born in Spring 2013. 

I blog because I believe it is important to share. Sometimes in the past, I've been too competitive.  I'm trying to be better. 

I love to blog, but I think of this as temporary. Blogging fills several gaps in my life right now: the sometimes isolation of being a SAHM, the everyday way in which I stay behind the curtains, allowing my husband and kids to be center stage, and my need to create something of my own.

Some of the posts I have written that are important to me are:

Some funny experiences being a bilingual family
There is also the kitchen island we rebuilt.
And all the work to put in a yard. Fail with the street lawn and start over. And test new strategies for naturalizing a grass area.
We're working a big house renovation that will go through several stages over the next few years. It started with converting a portion of the loft into a fourth bedroom.
The bamboo series, where we try to create a privacy wall with bamboo is very popular.
Plus some Ikea hacks, like the TV stand and the window storage bench.

My most widely read posts are about plastic eyeglass frames discoloration, although I still have no idea what the best (permanent!) solution is. Feel free to add a comment and maybe we'll figure it out together. 

Thanks for reading!

last updated February 3, 2015