Tuesday, July 18, 2017


One of my take-aways from our recent houseguest is that I really want to start exercising regularly again. I mentioned this to Fritz, along with a Maybe-when-school-starts-it-will-be-possible-except-maybe-not-if-I-have-a-job-since-I-don't know-what-it-might-entail-timewise.

Fritz then informed me that he's been wearing his exercise monitor in the morning when he gets the kids ready for camps. He's been doing this between 6am and 8am every morning this summer, while I devote time to learning Revit. This is really the most time in 10 years that he has had so much responsibility for the kids without help from me on a regular basis. (Let's not get too excited: he's only picking up 10 hours a week.)

He claims he's getting LOTS of exercise while running up and down the stairs to help them get ready.
He said, "you'd be surprised how many stair steps you run."

Hmmm. I wasn't quite sure how to take this. Do Fritz and I have different standards of what enough exercise is? Is my activity level really different than I imagine? Is there yet another meaning beyond his words?

(I did carry this one for about a mile at altitude this weekend. But that's not really typical.)

I think I'll just take Fritz's comments at face value for now. But it was sort of interesting to think about quantifying the physical difference between my typical day and Fritz's based on the type of work we do. Maybe I'll finally take that Fitbit my parents gave me for Christmas out of the box and see if it works.

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