Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer Resonation

Summer vacation for the kids has started and I've been making a list of things I'd like to do this summer:

1) Learn Revit, the omnipresent architecture software. I'm hoping to accomplish about 60 hours of training with tutorials. I think this is a drop in the bucket on learning the software, but everyone has to start somewhere, so here's to hoping the drops result in some waves...

2) Manage my smart phone better: as in, let it go! I think I'll a) NOT carry it with me and b) only check it 2-3 times a day. My Achilles heel is not social media, but the news app. I need to stop reading the news app. Also, the kids are better behaved when my phone is put away.

3) Have more fresh produce ready for snacking and eat it. Sometimes I've been really good at always having freshly prepped fruits and vegetables on hand. Sometimes I've been really good at ignoring all the produce I bought until it rots in the fridge. This summer, I'd like to make sure that I always have some fresh produce ready to eat. And I'd like us to eat it before it goes bad. Most importantly, the kids eat things better when they are ready to eat: peeled and chopped cucumbers, peeled and sliced apples, peeled carrot sticks, sliced peppers, chopped celery, etc.

4) Change the conversation. I need to have fewer negative conversations. When I lived in Germany 10 years ago, I felt like Germans had a lot of negative, depressing conversations. It was draining. I decided Germans were pessimistic. But these days, I find myself feeling the same way about most of my conversations with fellow Americans. The conversations are dark and ominous and hopeless. I have some theories on if-something/what-has changed. Whatever the culprit, whatever the theory, the important thing right now, is that I do what I can to change the conversations around me. Instead of being negative and reactive, I have to choose to be positive and proactive.

Now I better hit publish so that I can be held (a bit) accountable to my list.

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Jennifer said...

Apart from the Revit, these could be my goals too! Happy Summer!