Monday, April 17, 2017


I've been working on many projects lately, trying to feel productive. I feel so much better when I can check things off my list!

This past weekend, the list had four items on it and not a single one got completed. Which means I'm starting the week off a little frustrated. In an attempt to make myself feel better, let's review last week's progress.

1) As part of moving Lucy to her new room in the basement, I'm trying to finish this last section: the stairwell to the basement. Over the years, the kids have drawn on the wall - argh! - so the whole thing needs to be repainted. In the images above you can see the places where I primed over their drawings. I've also been fixing/filling a lot of cracks.

The Plan is to paint the stairwell walls white, paint the stairs, remove the handrails, and switch out the light fixtures. There's a limited budget on this, so nothing fancy. It would be fun to paint the stairs some crazy color or colors. Any ideas? Fritz is opting for bright red. Maybe a gradient would be cool? The stairs have 3 runs and 2 landings, in a U shape. Any gradient effect would be a limited to about 6 stairs at a time.

2) The photo above is Lucy's room, except she is not living in it yet. We still need to move some stuff out of this room (like the bike trainer, the dry rack, and the painting supplies.) The progress last week was that I pained a wall pink. I'm not a pink person, but she is. That's why I painted the wall pink, but then could barely bring myself to take a decent photo of the pink. (Do you see it? On the right hand side of the photo?) Lucy is reluctant about moving to this bedroom, so I was trying to sweeten the deal by making the room more personalized for her. She picked out the color.

3) I started some tomatoes. This year, I'm doing ground cherry and red zebra and green zebra tomatoes. Last year, my cousin brought me some from the farm share he runs in Iowa. They were amazingly sweet. You could substitute these tomatoes for berries, I kid you not. SOOOOO YUMMY. Since tomatoes always do well in our garden, I'm hoping the ground cherries will make up for the fact that I can't grow blueberries (in Colorado) to save my life.

4) Finally, I've accomplished a number of outdoor projects. I re-mulched the area the kids dug up. I put in new stepping stones. I planted sweet peas in the garden. The kids got a trampoline for their birthdays, which has inspired me to do some redesign to our backyard. Oh! And I was inspired by this, which has me thinking about how to make a really excellent outdoor area for kids in a very small yard.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished! And I like the hombre stair idea! That sounds like lots of fun.