Friday, March 17, 2017


The kids have been digging up the yard lately, making cool ramps and caves and holes. They're showing a renewed interest playing with the toy vehicles that I'd nearly given away.

We have a pretty small yard. Everyone can agree that kids need to play in the dirt, but when it comes to the REALITY of your kids pushing aside the mulch and hacking through the weed barrier, all to access the dirt below in a space that's already packed with toys...well, let's just say there was some yelling involved.

Often, I think our existence in this newish house with its lack of imperfections is problematic. I yearn for something less precious. It's not only hard to let go of those aspects of life that we think of as done and right and supposedly finished; it's hard to admit it that maybe our grown up ideas aren't the best for everyone.

Like for my kids. The best for them is when their fingernails are full of dirt and the newly dug cave holds the toy vehicles I thought they'd outgrown.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Digging in the dirt does look like fun! Glad they are able to play outside. It looks like it must feel nice there.