Friday, March 31, 2017

Basement Flooring

We worked diligently to get the basement finishing complete before Lucy arrived. My father flew out to Colorado twice to help us, once with my mother and once with my brother.

My other enduring helper was Trixie, who helped install the flooring. We worked on this project for WEEKS! Sometimes, we only did a handful of boards a day.

The flooring is a vinyl plank that looks like distressed wood. (Hopefully it hides all the kid dirt in our house.) It didn't require a lot of prep work or adhesives. This was, in fact, intentional: it was the perfect flooring to install in small batches with the help of a three-year-old. Working in small batches of installation also meant that I didn't have to empty the basement of all our Stuff. Instead, we could move the Stuff around as we were working.

I'm pretty happy with it as basement flooring. Which is especially good since we put it everywhere in the basement: the bathroom, the common space, and the bedroom.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I like how it looks! It's a great color, and your assistant looks very cute and professional.

Jennifer said...

Love it!

Diane B said...

I like it!