Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Firsts, of a different sort

Over the weekend, I flew to Germany for my niece – and goddaughter's – baptism. There's a lot of firsts in this trip: the first time I've been at a family celebration without Fritz, the first time I've left my own children for (as long as) three nights, the first time Fritz has taken care of all three children for four days and three nights by himself, the first time I've been a godmother, my first niece (or nephew).

I will say that I had really mixed feelings about going. It felt self-indulgent, because the cost was high and time was short. There was a good amount of ominous worrying about my kids on my part, even though my brain knew the odds were stacked against it.

However, it was really a lovely weekend and I am so glad I went. It was such a great pleasure to be the aunt/godmother instead of the mom. It was nice to have lots of thinking time to myself. And I came back feeling very relaxed and refreshed. This is especially good since it appears one of my own kids is coming down with something! I fear we are about to get our first round of fall sickness.

This trip also marked the end of weeks of unusually chaotic scheduling. My calendar is looking open and spacious. Just how I like it best. So maybe I'll be around the blog a bit more.

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