Monday, August 1, 2016

Visitors, Schultueten, More Tenting

Last week my parents were here visiting for a few days. The kids were thrilled! Here's a photo of grandparents and grandchildren:

I generally stay off my phone and computer as much as possible when we have guests, so I've been a little absent online.

Also, I've had a few orders coming in for Schultüten, which is fun: I really like picking out fabrics to mix and match. Schultüte translates from German as school bag; traditionally, it is a cone shaped container that is filled with candy and given to children on their first day of school in first grade. I like to think the fabric makes a nicer (and reusable!) version of the cardboard ones I always encountered in Germany. The design has evolved with my own kids. Here is Noah with his. And here is Mattias with his from last year:

The kids have been circling the sewing machine as I work, asking if they can ALL have one this year. (Nope.)

We are going to try out another overnight tenting trip this week, so we're off to the store to stock up on some supplies. Fingers crossed, thumbs pressed, that we can have a fire this time! And that everyone sleeps.


Unknown said...

Hi - Sorry, I'm not sure how else to contact you. We live in CO; I was just googling around for growing bamboo in our area. How has your bamboo done since your original post and year follow-up? THANK YOU! April

Unknown said...

Jeez, never mind! Just saw this: