Friday, July 1, 2016

June Wrap Up Segue

Our summer vacation started with the kids playing... I kid you! Because, I don't know, what else are you going to do at 8:00 in the morning when there's no longer a bus to catch? Apparently, it was pajama day for Trixie.

Then, Mattias spent several days in his pajamas because he had a tonsillectomy. Mattias also lost two adenoids and his two (loose) front teeth with the tonsils. I wonder if there's a discount for removing body parts in bulk during surgery? Six body parts – that's half a dozen!

(Who am I kidding? Knowing the medical industry, there's probably a surcharge.)

My brother flew into town for a surprise Feel Better Soon! visit. I got teary eyed when I opened the door and saw him standing there. Mathias's spirits were lifted by the idea that somebody came to see him.

We lifted Mattias up on this chair while tracking the growth of the bamboo this year. I should probably do a bamboo update. But for now, this is turning out to be SUCH A GOOD GROWING SEASON! Thank goodness, really, because if every year was like the last two years, I'd...I' discouraged from ever attempting to grow anything in our yard again. The kids have been very helpful in snacking harvesting from all of the edible landscaping we've painstakingly planted over the last 5 years.

We painstakingly attempted to feed this baby bird once he fell out of the nest. Sadly, he did not make it. But certainly squeezing mashed up meal worms through a syringe counts as a solid attempt. Maybe he would have preferred the strawberries?

In addition to the strawberries, this year we have a good number of currants (Johannisbeeren). Fritz was all set to make an Obstboden, which is a German cake with fruit on the top, until we went outside to start picking the currants. Then he declared that there weren't possibly enough currants for a cake, so we might as well leave the currants for the birds. (Oh, Fritz. He can't be bothered to make any sort of food unless it is in huge quantities.)

Finally, here's a photo of Not Enough. I thought this was a nice amount for Something.

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