Sunday, July 24, 2016

Crickets Chirping

Remember how I had thought maybe I could convince other bloggers to do a blog challenge with me and I could sew a clown costume for one of them as an incentive? Only one person has joined! My one joiner is a very nice blogger, who I have been following for years, and so I will be very happy to sew a costume for her. But my feelings are hurt by crickets chirping in this blog world.

(Sometimes I have to bribe the kids to get them to model costumes.
Sigh. This was one of those times) 

Mostly, it just feels indicative of this time in my life. By that I mean: the years I have spent at home with my kids (and blogging). Partially, it's fine because I never expected recognition from it and I never tried to make this blog monetary or to be widely-read. If anything, I've tried to do the opposite: to be a sort of well-kept secret blog. Being at home was never about a tangible or measurable outcome, nor was blogging. So, maybe, after a couple weeks of sulking, I'm fine that only one person entered my challenge. I'm also fine because I can see the end of this blogging SAHM part of life. And I'm (mostly) fine that I never grew more of a community or following here. Yes, I think I am. Life goes on.

Still. Time's a tickin'. I do believe this blog only has a life of about one year left. I would like to tell you how this part of the story ends, but you might have to put some extra effort into reading that ending. If you want to know, please read this blog in a reader. I intend to write multiple posts over the next few months that will not stay posted on the blog. They'll disappear. But you can read them in a reader whenever you want.

Oh yeah, and that blog challenge? It's still open! The challenge was 2 post per week for two months, for about 16 total posts in July and August. (It's also okay if you don't enter, my feelings are over being hurt.)

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