Sunday, July 10, 2016

Car Tenting

We took the kids camping – no, tenting –  no, really, the best description is something like – car tenting – this past week. It's significant because this is the first time we've taken all three of them somewhere other than the neighborhood park to sleep overnight in a tent.

Fritz and I have always thought that we wanted to do outdoor things like this with the kids. However, with the arrival each successive kid, the idea of camping felt increasingly onerous. Take a child in diapers, who barely sleeps through the night, out of her familiar bed and put her in a tent with her two excited siblings and expect a good result? Hmmmm... But! BUT! This summer it started to feel like a possibility again. We are very hopeful that this trip was the beginning of many more to come. So instead of telling you it was a great success, let's just say it was a good start! We learned a lot! We made a big long list about how to improve our next trip. And, as is almost everything with kids, I think the more we do it, the more habitual it becomes, and the easier it is to continue doing.

Here's our very picturesque campsite.

It can be difficult to get a campsite within 90 minutes of the metropolitan area in the summer. Like most people with kids, we didn't want to spend all day in the car to get to our destination. Most of the campsites were booked months and months ago. We booked this 2 months in advance, for one mere night, but we still had to choose a night midweek to actually be able to reserve a site.

That meant we missed out on some things. Like getting firewood at the camping ground store. (It was closed. And we weren't willing to spend a lot of time driving the kids around in search of firewood for sale elsewhere.) Fortunately, there was the beautiful lake to compensate for the disappointment.

And the kids weren't deterred from making their own version of a campfire.

Fritz took a lot of initiative, from initially finding our camp site, to the driving, to the food, to the packing, to walking the three year-old back and forth from the bathroom one-hundred-and-twenty-six times. It was nice.

When we returned home and I was once again thrust into the position of making almost every decision and responding to almost every call, I thought maybe I didn't appreciate our 24 hour camping trip quite enough.

But nobody got very much sleep. We were glad to have the whole weekend to recover.


Pregnantly Plump said...

That sounds like fun, and very successful! I'm glad it went well.

Unknown said...

I always wondered how families with young children handle the almost inevitable lack of sleep that comes with camping...that's also one reason we never continued after trying it several years ago. We prefer holiday homes with beds in rooms which can be darkened with blinds, where you can close doors and keep children in seperate rooms so that the youngest one does not wake those who cold sleep a bit longer...
But - your story makes me feel adventurous. This summer, I will take one child for one night to a lake....and sleep in the car for a start!