Monday, June 20, 2016

Pierrot Costumes

I just finished these Pierrot–inspired clown costumes for a wedding. I'm so happy with them!! I must give credit to my awesome client who had the idea of a Pierrot costume in the first place, and then was willing to let me experiment a bit with the design.

Pierrot is a classic pantomime clown dating back to the seventeenth century. He wears a predominantly white costume. He reoccurs throughout history in art, theater, and literature: from the performer Paul Legrand, a mime who always emphasized Pierrot's sentimentality, to paintings by Cezanne and  Picasso, to David Bowie's Threepenny Pierrot. I spent a good amount of time surfing the internet, looking a photos and reading about all the variations interpretations of Pierrot through history. Very cool stuff.

Anyway, I feel like there are so many great things to say about this project. First of all, I started doing some new experimenting with my sewing machine. I'm not entirely sure this is clear from the images, but I'm trying to create not just patterns, but also textures and weights by the way I stitch the fabric. I wanted these two costumes to be simultaneously the same and different: One silhouette is more round and horizontal, while the other silhouette is more bell-shaped and vertical. I think the above photo illustrates this pretty well. Finessing the same basic pattern to go in two different directions comes down to the manipulating the patches and pockets. Well... and I changed the pattern subtly. I try to make some parts stiffer and more prominent by, for example, stitching layers of fabric together.  Other parts I try to blend with stitches.

I love this! It think it really adds such depth. It may be relatively complex for a clown costume, but it is complexity with intent!


Can we just pause and say that children wearing clown costumes – or any sort of costume – to a wedding is brilliant?

How much money did I spend last year on the kids clothes for my brother-in-law's wedding? A lot! What if the money I spent on the kid's clothes had been useful for Halloween or a dress up box? Also, how did my kids act for the entire wedding weekend?

Like clowns!

Remember how they rode a push car and tractor across the cobblestone courtyard while the bride and groom were doing a 3 hour photo session and I cringed the whole time? The photo is funny. But, AACK! I was fretting.

Maybe I'm just out of the loop. Maybe kids wearing costumes to weddings is more common than I realized? Because I've had two requests for wedding clown costumes in the last three weeks! I wish I'd thought of that! Really!


Unknown said...

These costumes are absolutely genius- you are becoming a real pro!

Ann Wyse said...

Thank you!