Thursday, May 19, 2016

Minimalist Earrings

I picked up these gold earrings for my mom at a craft fair the other weekend. She is always looking for small earrings. These are the smallest earrings I've ever seen.

And they're brilliantly simple! Made from left over pieces of metal from jewelry making, they are nothing more than a line across the ear lobe when worn. Understated and genius: they hold in place because for two reasons 1) the bend in the shape and 2) the fact that the front and back are in balance. Essentially, the middle of the Z fits through the hole in your ear and the front segment balances with the back segment. There's no separate earring back to get lost or poke you! You could wear them to bed without getting stabbed! I'm rather kicking myself for not buying several pairs.

You can check out more jewelry at Sparkle + Stone work here.

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