Friday, May 6, 2016

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Last weekend I climbed up on our two story roof to see if pigeons were nesting under our solar panels. I had been getting a terrible run-around from the both the roofer and solar company that replaced the roof/reinstalled panels after a hail storm.

Sure enough, the pigeons had squirmed their way into the critter guard. This illustrates some larger phenomena I find really frustrating: 1) relying on other people to fix things, 2) being told that I'm imagining things or uninformed when work is done poorly/improperly 3) the RIDICULOUS amount of time I have to spend haggling to get something done when I could probably do it much faster myself.

Most of the time with regards to home repairs, I DO do-it-myself. Not because it's cheaper, but because I generally do it better and get it done RIGHT. (That's a sad commentary on the construction industry.) A project that involved working atop a two-story roof and chasing birds, however, felt a little outside my league.

But look! I'm STILL out on my roof, even though I don't really think I should be. I'm armed with my camera to prove to everyone else involved that YES. THERE IS A PROBLEM.

The (so-called) professionals were out to fix the critter guard this week, and I'll be back up on the roof this weekend to make sure they did it right. I wish I could charge somebody for all the time I've wasted between their crappy workmanship and lousy attitudes.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That's so frustrating! I'm glad they came out to fix it once you proved them wrong. Maybe their fix will work.