Friday, April 15, 2016

Snowstorm Prep

We are suppose to have a big snowstorm here tomorrow. I can't adequately expressed how bummed about this I am. Everything is just starting to bloom and blossom and 8-14" of wet snow on just-leaved-out trees is bad news. I've covered a few things: a fruit tree, the strawberries, the herb garden, the bamboo, but whether or not it will do any good...who knows?

I'm really frustrated and tired with the weather in Colorado. Life-long locals spend so much time expounding upon its virtues, but to me: it's horrible. It's really dry and brown and even whenever a plant is doing well, it is destined to be clobbered by an early or late snowstorm. Or the hail. And I really think there is almost nothing to be done about these challenges.

The vicious fall/spring weather also opens an old wound from the days when Fritz and I were house shopping. I wanted something in an established neighborhood with big trees and hardwood floors. And Fritz wanted something in a new neighborhood with energy efficiency and plenty of space. The trees will grow! he said. We compromised: Fritz got a new, big, energy efficient house, and I got an upgrade to wood floors. But the trees? I don't think there is even much hope anymore.

They are still so small and fragile. And every year we replant one or two that were lost to the weather.

My personal feeling is that this is related to climate change. I suspect the weather patterns have changed just enough that reaching the level of mature landscaping in older neighborhoods may not be possible. Ever. That's a scary thought.

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Anonymous said...

Did everything survive the snowstorm?
I kept my fingers crossed...