Monday, April 25, 2016

Sick Day

Last week Mattias had strep, on Sunday night both Trixie and Noah burst forth with the same symptoms as Mattias'. It's Monday, which means a long wait until we get into the doctor's office. Sickness is no fun: all the waking at night and the finicky-fussy-whiny behavior.

I envied Fritz as he left for work today. We were both tired from last night, but I imagined how he could go zone out in his office, while I will spend the day attending to sick kids. I definitely will be in need of a break by the time he gets home.

On the plus side: as least with strep (if Noah and Trixie also have strep), you know what you're dealing with. Sometimes the mystery viruses are more infuriating because they lack predictability. I like the closure that comes with a strep diagnosis (not that I want my kids to be on antibiotics, BUT). Also, I'm grateful that Noah and Trixie appear to be only about 6 hours apart in their symptoms. Its more grueling to do a marathon of illness, each child falling like the next domino with 3 days between them. That would be worse! At least this way, we're slightly efficient in our illness.

Knock on wood that Fritz and I ward it off. I'm drinking EmergenC with a vengeance.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That stinks! I hope they feel better soon! Hope you don't get it.