Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

We recently celebrated Mattias' and Noah's birthdays. This year we had a family celebration on the actual birthday and a party with friends on another date. The family celebration includes cake for breakfast, singing happy birthday, decorating with the fabric / prayer flag / pendants and the sea serpent candle holder (?!) and opening family gifts.

There's not a lot of variation, which makes it easier for me and hopefully happily predictable for the kids. Both the boys requested Strawberry Shortcake for their birthday cakes. I spent a little more time with the strawberries on Noah's cake.

Now, normally, I would say nobody cares what their cake looks like and nobody notices and this is sort of the bane of my existence that I put all this effort into stuff for the kids and nobody appreciates a bit of it and why do I bother anyway? But Mattias DID notice, even though it had been a few days since his party. (You can see his cake in the first photo above.) He was not happy that Noah's cake looked "better" and stalked off to his room to sulk.

So, there you go: somebody DOES care! I felt a little bit redeemed as I coaxed Mattias back downstairs to eat. Lesson to self: if I'm going to lazily recycle the same birthday decorations and traditions, I've got to really keep it the same.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cakes, beautiful decoration!
I also used to pull out the same old birthday train every year until my kids started outgrowing it - it only holds seven candles. And since they still love some kind of special candle arrangement, it is this one now:

Just in case you might need it in a few years...

Happy Birthday to your boys!!!

Ann Wyse said...

Thank you! and thank you for the link. We had JUST that conversation - about how we are in need of more pieces for our candle arrangement!