Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mental Gymnastics

I had a goal to write 13 posts this month. I'm almost there... But I'm wondering about the validity of such a goal...maybe writing 5 good, thoughtful posts would have been more satisfying than 13 boring posts. Oh well. Maybe next time.


I am mildly obsessed with Target's Marimekko collection. But I don't tend to buy things just because I like them. They need to have a specific function and I need to purchase them for real use. I decided that I could justify the salad plates and replace the chipped Ikea plates we've been using for the kids (in the background above). Disappointingly, the Marimekko plates are melamine - but they're the best melamine I've ever seen. They are beautifully proportioned in a nice matte finish. I smile every time I get one out AND well, I decided worrying about the toxins in melamine is less of a concern as the kids get older. There's also something satisfying about how fast they're selling out. So there it is: salad plates, justified. Me, smiling.

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