Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It turns out neither Noah nor Trixie have strep; which is a bummer for reasons mentioned in my last post. Trixie seems to have made a full recovery, but Noah is really still not well. Tomorrow it will be one solid week that we've had a sick kid in the house. I'm feeling grumpy and really tired. All the illness has me up several times a night – sometimes with the added benefit of the kids waking each other up as well. Lovely.

Mattias had an event at school tonight. Instead of the whole family going, just I went. It was nice: 1) to get out of the house and 2) to focus solely on Mattias. Mattias wanted his whole family to be there. And I wished we could have fulfilled his wish. But I'm also a little shocked to discover how much I enjoyed being there WITHOUT the whole family. No Trixie running in and out between the legs of the crowd. No Noah asking when we get to go home. No need to coordinate with Fritz over coming or going or who is in the bathroom or who just made a beeline for the door or who is playing inappropriately on the bleachers all while trying to have a coherent conversation with another parent. Sometimes I really wonder if I am just not meant to be part of a family as large as five. I'm so much happier with less input.

One more thing I wanted to mention: I'm having a one-day 25% off sale at my Etsy store on Saturday, April 30th. It's half way through the year to Halloween and I'd love to turn over some listings. I won't be having any more sales before Halloween 2016, so if you – or someone you know – might want a clown costume or mask, check it out. The coupon code is HalfHalloween, it works on all the listings, but it will only work on April 30th (EST).

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