Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Die - I mean, Dye

This Easter, there was snow on the ground.

Snow for Easter is a bit of a challenge for egg hunting.

But we dyed some hard-boiled eggs for an egg hunt anyway.

It looks so under control in this photo. It wasn't.

Every year, I have these ideas about how we'll sit down together and make some cool eggs together. I'm not even thinking of natural dyes or eggs that are hand-painted. I'm just thinking that the boys will maybe use the white crayon and draw some patterns around the hard boiled eggs before dipping them in the colors. Maybe Trixie will sit on my lap while we carefully dip eggs into the store-bought coloring. Maybe I'll show them how you can dye an egg a different color on each end...

And every year it is SO NOT THAT. Every year it's a mad rush to
ripopenthepackage and takeouteverything
puteverysingleegginthedye asfastashumanlypossible
yellatmommytogetmeanother color/spoon/sticker/cleanupmyspill/makesomemoreeggs
and, of course, to doitmyself

A large number of eggs end up brown because my children are convinced that purple and orange are going to make a Really Great Color. Trixie is still too young to be unsupervised with dye, but because I'm running in circles for the boys, she does what she wants. This year, she dyed the table.

But, at least with all those different colors, she dyed it brown.

I'd like to say that I've given up. Because I'd probably be happier if I lowered my expectation substantially. Instead, I keep telling myself that next year it will be enjoyable.

It's suppose to be enjoyable, right? I mean, the chaotic process was funny for a few years, but how many years can it be funny? At least the photo makes it look like a semi-normal experience. Nobody will know from the photos.


Pregnantly Plump said...

It sounds like they have fun, though. While it's frustrating for you, I bet they are creating great memories. You can look back and laugh when they are older.

Anonymous said...

I have given up egg dying a while ago. Nobody is interested. And beore it was pretty much like what you described.
We had more success painting empty eggs. There are tricks to make it work even for little hands - and usually a lot less messy. (but they are more for decoration, I admit)
Still, pictures like the one you took are priceless - you can always show it to your children if they later ask about egg dying. The perfect proof that you worked on their childhood memories - yeah!