Thursday, March 17, 2016

Still Clowning Around

Really, the thing I can not do away with lately is my desire to make another clown costume. I mean, let's be practical: this is mostly a silly hobby, it makes almost no money – well, it might be losing money, but it's losing money slowly enough that it's not painful. So, I keep doing it because I can't stop thinking about clown costumes.

Sometimes, my model has her own ideas about clown noses.
We don't publish those photos at the Etsy store.

I think many people my age were traumatized by Steven King's It. Although, these days, I'm much more upset by children wearing skulls and camouflage and carrying toy guns than by children in clown costumes. So I keep making these costumes because, look: they're not commercial or overly adult or overly gendered. They just seem sweet to me.

Lately, I want to make a clown costume in green. You'd think this would be a simple thing: order some green fabric and sew it up! But I'm feeling quite particular about the color of green: I want a green color slightly deeper than grass: emerald, perhaps? But not so much that you'd call it blue. One thing you discover quickly when you search for something like "emerald green" is that everybody has a different idea about what constitutes emerald green. Also, there's not merely as much variety out there as you'd like to think there is. Now, I wonder, should I let go of my emerald green dreams, or print some fabric for myself at Spoonflower? Or maybe I'll get it over it once St Patrick's Day is past. Hmm...


Idena said...

So very cute!!!!

Ann Wyse said...

Thanks, Idena.

Pregnantly Plump said...

The costume is great! Very cute! Good luck ordering green fabric. I've been burned ordering things online by color.