Thursday, March 17, 2016

Still Clowning Around

Really, the thing I can not do away with lately is my desire to make another clown costume. I mean, let's be practical: this is mostly a silly hobby, it makes almost no money – well, it might be losing money, but it's losing money slowly enough that it's not painful. So, I keep doing it because I can't stop thinking about clown costumes.

Sometimes, my model has her own ideas about clown noses.
We don't publish those photos at the Etsy store.

I think many people my age were traumatized by Steven King's It. Although, these days, I'm much more upset by children wearing skulls and camouflage and carrying toy guns than by children in clown costumes. So I keep making these costumes because, look: they're not commercial or overly adult or overly gendered. They just seem sweet to me.

Lately, I want to make a clown costume in green. You'd think this would be a simple thing: order some green fabric and sew it up! But I'm feeling quite particular about the color of green: I want a green color slightly deeper than grass: emerald, perhaps? But not so much that you'd call it blue. One thing you discover quickly when you search for something like "emerald green" is that everybody has a different idea about what constitutes emerald green. Also, there's not merely as much variety out there as you'd like to think there is. Now, I wonder, should I let go of my emerald green dreams, or print some fabric for myself at Spoonflower? Or maybe I'll get it over it once St Patrick's Day is past. Hmm...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Fritz and I regularly make and split a big salad for dinner. A few weeks ago, I made this Collard Greens with Freekeh salad from Sunset magazine. So yummy! (Although, in subsequent makings, I cut back on the amount oil.) Even the kids were into it; they usually pass on salads. I think it helped that cracked freekeh has an interesting backstory about a feud, fields burning, and crops saved. If you buy Bob's Red Mill brand of cracked freekeh, the story is printed on the bag. The freekeh itself was popular enough to be a new addition to our regular meals.

One of our long-standing regular meals is omelets for breakfast on the weekends. With all the chopping, it's the most time-consuming weekly food preparation that we do – and it's not accidental that it happens on the weekends and in the morning. For some reason, the kids always seem to have the most patience and the highest chance of playing together first thing in the morning. If there aren't kids hanging all over me and quarreling, I'm free(er) to chop vegetables.

I recently decided to cut my hair. Actually, I told the hairdresser to "cut it shoulder length" and demonstrated with pretend-snipping a lock of my hair at my shoulder. This is how she interpreted my words and actions.  I would say what she did is "chin length." I've tried telling other people (and myself) that it doesn't matter that she cut it shorter than I wanted. It'll grow, right? But, honestly, I'm still extremely annoyed at her a month later. In her defense, I let it air dry (no styling) in both the photos above. Still, she 1) didn't do what I wanted and 2) did a crappy job taking my hair's wave into account. I'm done with her. I've said that before about this hairdresser, but this time, I really, REALLY mean it. Remind me in about a year, okay?

Your eagle eyes probably spotted that smart phone two photos back. That's right. Now I can take photos of myself and my kids without depending on anyone else. Amazing, right? Let's just hope all my newfound abilities don't go so far to my head that I drop my expensive toy while playing with it on the chairlift. Or that I forget to blog because I'm too occupied sending images via texts to everyone I know.