Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The weather turned (a bit) more fall-like this week. I'm not sure if I can credit the change in weather, or the cooler temperatures, but I suddenly feel like I have a lot more energy. I don't think I'm built for temperatures above 90 degrees. The 80s are sort of pushing it, too.

I finished a custom clown costume the other day. I think it turned out really cute! I took some photos before I shipped it off, and, well, I hope it is loved.

Fritz is starting to get grumpy about my "free" time being diverted. I mean, he talks a good, supportive talk, but I can see some pouting. It would be easy to get sort of self-righteous about having time to do The Stuff I Want to Do and brush off his unvocalized feelings. After all, how many years have I put prioritized him and the kids, often a high cost to myself? Many. It seems like an unhealthy perspective, however. And sometimes I think I have to be especially careful with my thoughts, lest they become more than just observations, but self-fulfilling prophecies as well.

Still. It's so easy for me to sink into a project, to make myself busy by obsessing over things. (Maybe that should be the definition of busy: "Putting things before people.") Either way, I'm slowing down, refocusing on my family. Although, I am trying to make some sheep masks for my mother... but I'm making them sloooowly, and then, I REALLY am going to stop making things for a while. Here's my prototype:

I don't know. This sheep mask is somehow not right. Maybe the whole face and ears need to be white? Maybe the ears look too much like mouse ears? Maybe I need to ditch the "eyelashes" that look nothing like eyelashes? (I was trying to make the sheep look sweeter, or something. I don't know.) Maybe I need lighter grey thread.

But, see? Here I am obsessing, over THINGS.... The truth is, designing anything is a lot of obsessing and trial and error and time-consumption. There's a reason that I haven't done it much in the last 8 years. The trick is figuring out how to allocate time going forward, so that it doesn't overwhelm the people around me but so that I get start doing a little bit of what I love.

I guess.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

The clown suit and mask are very cute! It's hard to find time for yourself to do creative things. I've had several issues with trying to get stuff done for the play, while still giving Cheese Puff the attention that he needs/wants. It's hard. I have no suggestions.