Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crafty Segue

I am so happy to announce that between school starting and kids get older, I'm spending a lot less time carrying people around.

I mean: THANK GOODNESS! Huge relief. The youngest is actually almost adept enough at the balance bike that I might soon be able to run while she bikes. Isn't that fabulous?? I thought I was going to do that with Noah, but then I got pregnant with Mattias and then Trixie came along. And, well, you know. Some plans are get suspended with babies and little kids. (As they probably should be!) 

But guess what? My life is now a little bit like I-have-only-one-child (with her brothers in school all day). MARVELOUS! And well earned, I'd say. Here's Trixie painting some Caran d'Ache. Do you know these? They are water-soluble crayons. You can probably buy a cheaper version for the bathtub made by Crayola and then use them on paper like Caran d'Ache. They're fun! Although...Noah never thought they were much fun, when he was my (true) only child; he had about a 5 second attention span for such things.

Unless arts and crafts involved painting on rocks or something. One day after school, Noah painted these rocks with watercolors. That's about as artsy as he gets with a paint brush; it lasted for all of about 3 minutes.

Using rocks to build, however, is a different story. In this, he can be both creative and persistent. One morning before school, Noah and Mattias flipped a doormat upside down, lined it with rocks, turned on the hose, added some lego "canoes" and made these rapids on the deck steps. Everyone got very messy and muddy and wet and had to be dragged away to change clothes before school.

This stadium was a much neater project, although I'm not really sure how much I want to encourage him in pursing building anything vaguely architectural. I guess, at least, stadiums are a rather profitable end of the construction industry.

Although he might need to build stadiums for a client with deeper pockets than these lego figures.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Fun! It's great that it's getting easier. And I like the stadium! That must be a boy thing. Little Elvis builds stadiums, too.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed how creative your children are, great!
And the blocks for the stadium - where did you get them? Very pretty...

Ann Wyse said...

Anonymous, thank you! The blocks are Keva Maple Planks. Super simple, but a huge hit in our house.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I really like them. We have bigger blocks and my son (age ten) still builds a lot with them. But those small ones would be a great addition, too. I'll look into these.

And I am so glad you reached the point when some things get easier, that you can enjoy the luxury of having just one child at home.
Even though I might sound like a smartypants - I told you!

Ann's mom said...

That photo of Trixie painting reminds me of the one of you when you were three and you painted your name on your watercolor picture. Do you remember the one? You loved to paint, use watercolors and markers and play with homemade playdough when you were 2 and 3.