Saturday, August 8, 2015

Shoe Survey

Somebody's awake – and not going back to sleep – at 5am on Saturday, so I've got a pile of the boys' old shoes. I'm looking at them and wondering why some shoes are so good; why some shoes are so bad, and why we can't find the perfect pair.

These came from Target. These shoes only made it through one child and then his toes were poking out the end. I did the like the elastic laces and velcro closure...

...because I can't get my 5/6 year olds to wear shoes with laces. We've had the shoes below for two kids, and neither child would wear them. Thus, they are in very good condition. I'm clearly a failure when it comes to teaching my kids to tie (and wear!) their shoes with traditional laces. Maybe Trixie will wear them in three years? One can hope:

At 7 years-old, one child finally figured out how to tie his shoes. And then he wore the following black and blue shoes until his toes stuck out the end. However, he couldn't always be bothered to properly tie his shoes. I spent many evenings detangling knots in the laces. 

Note to self: buy shoes where the rubber sole wraps over the toe. 
Note to self: traditional shoes laces are over-rated. 

The elastic-shoe-laces-with-velcro-closure (first, above) is not bad.

The sandals/water shoes below lasted through two kids. Too bad I can't convince the boys to wear these through the winter with socks (come on, kids, you've got German citizenship!); even the rubber soles are in decent shape. See! I knew it was possible to make a shoe that didn't fall apart and wear through the soles in 6 months! I think they might be smelly in other parts of the world. But here in Colorado, the climate is so dry that they're fine. Except for the strange loop at the ankle strap. That part doesn't work so well because my kids do not like to waste time putting on their shoes. The little loop is TOO fussy. They'd rather let the strap cut across their ankle, making the shoe a lot less comfortable.

There's a reason that the shoes below are such classics. This pair made it through two kids, and they're still good for a third. (I mean, if you're rather relaxed about making your kids wear used shoes, which I am...) Thank you, rubber toe. Thank you, elastic closure/laceless design. I'm even okay with the fraying. It's shoe-patina, you know. Doesn't affect the functionality.

I'd buy more of these lace-less shoes, but the boys want something with more cushion in the soles. Mattias seems to think he runs faster in other shoes. Hmmm...maybe that's the real reason they lasted through two kids. Which means we're back to searching for the perfect shoes.

Updated: Has anyone tried these Hickies as a replacement for traditional shoe laces? I'd be especially curious to know how they held up and how easy they are for kids to use.


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Ann!
See what I just discovered:
Bought them for my ten year old who HATES to tie his shoes. He'd rather wear his winter boots than spending a second longer closing his shoes.
But this is the solution - he loves it and they work!
Let me know if you can't get them in the States...

Ann Wyse said...

Oh, nifty!!! Thanks for the hint! So, Hickies are available in the US, too. Have you used them yet? How are they working and holding up?? Do you still have to fasten them closed, or are they stretchy?

Anonymous said...

We just put them on a few days ago. They are stretchy, and depending on how tight you want them, you can fasten them in different ways. Maybe it shows on their website - at least th little flyer that comes with it demonstrates it.
Once they are fastened, they stay closed and the lazy child just slips in.
I can't say anything about how they last - I hope they will last a while, after all they weren't cheap at all.

Pregnantly Plump said...

We've had problems with shoes. I bought some cheapies at Walmart to tide us over, and they didn't last a month. I don't recommend the cheapies. We now buy name brand tennis shoes at consignment sales when we can. As for the rubber up over the toe, Baby Plum likes to drag his toes when he walks or coasts on his bike, and has pulled that off three pairs! He makes me very mad about it. I hope yours don't do that. It's frustrating. Little Elvis can tie, and I stopped buying Velcro shoes for him. I force it. He just ties them once, and then squeezes his feet in. New Balance seem to last pretty well, and a friend gave us some of her son's old Nikes. They did pretty well for the 1 month Little Elvis wore them. Then his foot grew. We'll see how Baby Plum does with them.