Sunday, June 28, 2015

Segue with Pop Quiz!

On Friday, Fritz and I celebrated our first Schnapszahl anniversary. Schnaps-, like the alcohol and -zahl, meaning "number" in German. It is our eleventh anniversary. I guess, if you drink too much schnapps, you see double digits. Therefore: our first Schnapszahl anniversary, or the 11th. (Our second Schnapszahl anniversary will be the 22nd, then the 33rd, and so on...)

One of the things that happens after 11 years of marriage is you stop paying attention to (newer?) traditions like this. The photo above is on the Alte Main Bridge in Würzburg, Germany. Supposedly, when a couple is in love, they put a lock on the bridge and throw away the key. In Paris, they've had to cut locks off the bridges because the quantity has begun to endanger the structural stability of the bridge.

Have you ever noticed how strawberry shortcakes rely on gelatin for structural stability? I'm not a fan of gelatin. I'm a pile-it-on-and-let-it-fall-apart type person. I like to think the taste of my strawberry shortcake totally compensates. I made this one for Father's Day last weekend. Our cake serving utensil has this off-set handle, see? So clever if your cake is apt to fall apart!

I'm not sure if this fork is particularly clever, but it did make me smile. Noah and I tried to come up with additional, non-traditional fork uses for it. It was a challenge. If you've got something, let us know. Okay: Pop Quiz! (With an answer at the end of this post!) What are the hooks on the side of this motorcycle for?

Sometimes, I have the feeling that something is so obvious once I know the answer, that the surprise isn't the answer; the surprise is that I didn't know/think of it/see it. Like the font on the sign below. SURE! Why not inscribe letters in circles? That looks neat! Surely, I must have seen this before and yet – yet! –  I can't possibly tell you where that might have been....

 Answer to the Pop Quiz: the hooks on the side of the motorcycle are for a surfboard. Maybe that's obvious if you live on the coast?


Pregnantly Plump said...

Happy Anniversary! I like the necklace.. or are those cookies? Thanks so much for hosting us last week. The boys had a blast, and we did, too!

Ann Wyse said...

We had a great time hosting you! It was so cool to finally meet!

(The faces are dough ornaments that we made a few years ago.)