Thursday, June 11, 2015

Free Admission

We arrived in Iceland on Tuesday and we drove into the countryside on the southside of the island. It is beautiful and amazing and Fritz is grinning from ear to ear in a way that I haven't seen in years.

The kids are still kids. The things that give them the greatest happiness (and that they spend the most time doing) have absolutely NOTHING to do with the exotic location. Just in case we needed a reminder; there's a reason why children are often "Free Admission." Here are some of the things that they are doing that could be done, um, lots and lots of other places.

Collecting Dandelions

Playing with Earthworms

Hanging on Stuff

Sitting on Maps (Presumably the crackle is fun?)

Jumping in Puddles

Throwing Rocks

Building Bridges

Drinking (Eating?) Hot Chocolate with Cream



Pregnantly Plump said...

Very fun pictures! It's great that kids can enjoy the simple things.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these pictures are great. What an amazing place, I can understand why Fritz is grinning. I know where we have to go sooner or later!
Seems like a nice high point for your long trip...

Jennifer said...

Love these photos!

Idena said...

My daughter and I dream of going there! It looks so beautiful.