Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Festung Marienberg

Noah wanted to see castles in Germany; Fritz decided that it might be possible to teach Noah and Mattias the difference between a Schloss (more palace-like, newer) and a Burg (more fortress-like, older).

We went to the city of Würzburg, because Fritz decided the Residenz (Schloss) and the Festung (Burg) were a good comparison, but here, the translation is already getting in the way of his lesson, because neither one is called a schloss or a burg or even a castle on the signs that translate to English.


Well, I just keep my mouth shut sometimes.

What I can say about Festung Marienberg, however, is that it is impressive! It's up on a hill and you climb through no less than three super-thick walls to get inside. You definitely have the impression that this is a hard-to-reach place. Everyone has lots of energy on the first set of stairs.

Little bit of encouragement on the next set of stairs:

Somebody needs a break before the third set of stairs:

Finally, we reach the first wall. You can barely see Trixie's polka-a-dot leggings hanging over the guard rail in the photo below. But I'll tell you, that kid, she sees a wall and she's got to climb over it. She would clearly be part of the invading party.

And we walk through the first wall. It's like a tunnel.

But a tunnel with cool things like a place where bars! come down! to stab the enemy! and keep the enemy out! Mattias calls it a Gitter, which translates to English as a cage. I'm pretty sure this is not the correct term. Watch out for the Gitter, Fritz:

And a hole! in the ceiling! to pour hot water on the enemy! (There are official tours, but Fritz and I opt for telling our own improvisational version...)

On the other side of the wall? More steps!

Not everyone is so happy about it.

And into the second wall:

Now there are steps INSIDE the wall. Nifty.

On the other side, Trixie pushes Mattias in the stroller until she is tired. This is uphill, although you can't tell from the photo.

And then Noah pushes Mattias and Trixie. Handy, very handy!

And through one last wall:

And we made it!

Of course, we needed a photo against one of those walls, but I got it when they were all smiles...on the way back down.


Pregnantly Plump said...

The castle looks really cool! As for the oldest pushing the younger two, that would never happen with ours. Our middle would be the one pushing.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you all enjoyed the Festung, it is a great experience and I am sure the boys will remember it for sure! At least the thick walls and many stairs - that's what my girls remember from their first tme up there. Because we also refused to park futher up, wanting them to feel how hard it was in former times to get up there...
Did you also stop at the Wasserspielplatz?
The thing that comes down is really called a 'Gitter', would you call it grid or bars maybe? (cage would be more like Käfig)