Friday, May 1, 2015

Settling in to Go

We are really settling in to our new space in the Wyse house. It feels great. We finished painting the upstairs three weekends ago. Since then, we've been moving in. Turns out that moving back in isn't an insignificant process, either. We still have boxes to unpack and furniture to rearrange, but the basics are in place and functional.

Looking back, I have the feeling that we postponed – or weren't ready to make – a lot of decisions two years ago when I was pregnant with Trixie. Everything from transportation to sleeping to childcare support was in flux and undecided.

Fritz says that sometimes delaying is his strategy when he doesn't know the answer, or when he's not sure he'll like the answer that he'll arrive at. Maybe it was a subconsciously shared strategy for a few years. I don't know why we didn't buy a second family car sooner, or convert the loft space to a bedroom earlier, but now that we have done those things, it's a like the whole family has given a communal sigh of relief. Kids who weren't sleeping through the night now are. Grumpy parents have been replaced by more relaxed parents.

A few people have expressed their surprise that we renovated a 4 year-old house. I'm almost painfully aware of how crazy it sounds. It might even have something to do with why we employed the delaying tactics. As I've mentioned before, I suspect that moving to a new house because you had a baby sounds less insane than renovating a house while you're living in it.

Maybe renovating was an easier route for us to take because we had envisioned – even while the house was being built – ways we would like to change it. Our house came with about 200 pages of "options" or upgrades. But the options WE envisioned weren't always the ones that made it into the builder's 200 pages. Even when starting with an empty lot, compromises had to made. The most important thing for us as we picked out (or rejected) all those options was that we start with a house that had flexibility to change as our family changed. Thankfully it was a strategy that has worked out well. It also gives me some small opportunity to create and re-imagine, two of my favorite activities that repeatedly take a backseat in daily life.

I'm hoping to get some before/after photos up in the near future. This next week, I'm scrambling to get everything ready for our trip to Germany. I'm hoping I'll have some blogging time when I'm in Germany.

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