Sunday, May 10, 2015


Here's what we did this morning for Mother's Day:

Yes! That would be a snowman. Already melting. (Can you see the puddle in the sidewalk behind?) I had to bring the kids back inside quickly. The mud index was increasing exponentially as we worked.  The poor trees here in Colorado. I tell you, it's a tough life in the high plains.

Fritz gave me this for Mother's Day:

...that would be a mojito muddler. In my last (deleted) post, I confessed I'd rather sit still and drink a mojito than go on the upcoming trip to Germany.

Now, if only I can find some mint buried in all the snow mud.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that is easy - just take the muddler along and request your mojito. I am sure there are certain places where the host would happily join you, sitting still and enjoying a drink ;)