Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Juist Segue

 Photo of Juist from the Wadden Sea, where the ferry arrived.

Outside our guest house. Oma joined us for the week. She's been having some problems with her knees. I think if Fritz and I had realized the extent of her mobility restrictions, we would have stayed in town. As it was, we were about 2 km from the ferry terminal, a little far for walking, given the considerations. But it was nice to surrounded by open space, especially when the tourist season kicked into gear halfway through our vacation. Within hours the town of Juist was packed! This is what a traffic jam looks like where there are no cars, only cyclists and horse-carriages:

There were so many interesting ways of getting around. I have a lot of photos of cleverly-rigged bicycles used to haul all manners of things. Noah got pretty adept at riding the adult tricycle we rented for Oma. I don't know why the two wheels are in the front. To be honest, I thought it made it more difficult to steer. But is WAS stable!

I guess this below is one of those times where you are glad something is NOT stable. The kids must have spent an hour entire hour sliding down this dune. I learned the amount of sand one can accumulate on his or her body dune surfing pales in comparison to the beach on a windy day.

The Strandkorb is great for protection against the wind. These beach chairs are iconic in German culture. But I'm not sure if I had ever seen (even a photo of one) before I lived in Germany.

You get the idea. The beach is very shallow. You can walk forever and the water still isn't past your knees. It also made collecting water for the sandcastle quite a hike.

I managed to drop my camera and break its lens for the second time in less than a year somewhere in all of this hiking. I was pretty upset. With the broken lens came the realization that I really do much better staying calm when I have a camera in my hand. You know how they say that having a camera removes you from the situation and keeps you from really being present in the moment? Well, sometimes, with three kids, I really need that distance that the camera gives me. From this point on, I usurped Fritz's camera. He is not a happy sharer, probably because I am holding onto his camera like a security blanket. Oh look! Here I let him take a photo while we went on a date with Trixie (she was holding onto me):

AND THEN, I started feeling all nervous without the camera, so I traded Trixie for the camera. (And it worked!)

We went back to the mainland by (a very small!) airplane, because of 1) mobility issues and 2) the ill-timing of high tide / ferry transit. Being in a small airplane was quite fun, but I'll confess I was also really happy to be back on the ground. It made a huge impression on the kids as well.

And that concludes the Juist portion of our vacation. Back to the car, kiddos.


Jennifer said...

I love seeing all the photos - I'm glad you have more than one camera with you!

Idena said...

Oh I love seeing all the photos too! Beautiful place.