Friday, May 22, 2015

Facebook and Blogging

I finally broke down and got myself a real Facebook account a few months ago. I was tired of never knowing where to send Christmas cards; tired of trying to keep track of friends who use it as their exclusive means of communication; tired of feeling that I would know something if I were on Facebook. 

What I like about Facebook is that I really do feel more in the loop. I love getting everyone’s updates. I like that I can communicate with distant friends and relatives; especially those whose last email address was from 10 years ago. I like the expediency of these communications in Facebook. When my Grandmother slipped into a coma and passed away just a week or so after I joined Facebook; I was glad to be able to be updated quickly through Facebook. 

That said, it’s still not my preferred medium and I mostly dislike it. I can’t really see myself migrating to Facebook and abandoning this blog. I feel more "me" here, in spite of the pseudonyms. And as much as I love getting everyone’s Facebook updates, it’s no substitute for a telephone conversation, or a dinner and drinks, or even a great blog post. Not at all. There something inherently extrinsic about the feedback loop on Facebook. Here on my blog I feel like my motivations are more intrinsic, although maybe that can be attributed to the length of time I’ve been on Facebook versus blogging. I’m willing to concede I’m still a newbie and don’t really know how I will feel after the newness has worn off.

I get very little sense of closure or accomplishment from posting on Facebook. Maybe it could be motivating if I was – I don’t know – training for a marathon or something, but it seems like a dangerous precedent to use Facebook that way. I do get a sense of closure and accomplishment for posting on this blog. I think it has something to do with the amount of effort that I have to put into a blog post. On Facebook, I feel a sort of obligation to post something: if I want/love updates about my friends, shouldn’t I also post Facebook updates about me/my family? On this blog, posting is a lot more about the process, and not the quantifiable outcome.

Honestly, I wish everybody had a BLOG instead of a Facebook account, but I’ve finally settled for what I can get.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I understand that. I'm not on facebook, and I miss out on knowing about lots of things. I may have to join this summer to help the boys do a summer project. I'm ambivalent at best, but really don't want to. I feel I will be the lynchpin that will make it uncool, and send everyone to some other pool.

Ann Wyse said...

Ha! Yes, I know what you mean! I, too wonder if the next big thing is just around the corner and I'll regret having wasted my time with Facebook. Fritz reminds me daily that FB's number of users are actually.

Ann Wyse said...

"actually declining" I meant to say.