Friday, April 10, 2015

Dandelion Sea

Remember how our new patch of African Dogtooth Grass is suppose to be a sea of (all the hundreds of) crocuses I planted last fall? And then the rabbits got hungry over the winter? Now we have something more like a sea of dandelions. Which isn't so bad if you like dandelion tattoos.

[photo of Trixie with dandelion sea behind her.]

I mean, really. We could call this hell strip experiment a failure. Or we could turn it around and look it another way: Doesn't is make a lovely backdrop when it is NOT in focus? And really, what's wrong with dandelions? We should just be happy that something is growing there, right?

Planting the dogtooth grass plugs
Why we planted the grass (a dialog)
The African dogtooth grass experiment begins in May
The African dogtooth grass at 4 months in August
The additional bulb flower experiment
Where the bulbs get eaten by the rabbits
The Fifteen month dogtooth grass update
Two years in when the Japanese beetle grub arrive


Idena said...

I happen to think they make a beautiful background. :)

life's a bear said...

My kids think dandelions are beautiful and get mad at me when I pull them. I wish I could embrace them like they do. In other weed fronts, we have a new-ish insidious weed in our yard. No idea what it is. Yards. They provide such a time-suck of an adventure!