Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Playing Segue

We've been playing in the snow quite a bit.

Turns out Trixie is quite the snow bunny. She would be outdoors playing in the snow all the time if I let her. If her brothers are outside playing, she runs and gets her coat and sits there watching them until I let her join in.  Maybe she's feeling a little stir crazy indoors.

I know I've become a little stir-crazy living in 1200 sf with 4 other people and winter weather outside. I dug out my sewing machine out of the dust and started making stuff to keep my mind on other things.
(There once was a photo of Trixie in a jester hat here.)

I'm working on a classic clown or jester type hat design. It seemed like those clown costumes I made last Halloween needed hats, but it took me a while to get up the courage to actually make a pattern and risk failure. (I get really annoyed at myself when I spend too much time working on something that I perceive as unnecessary or outside the scope of my regular work, and then it FAILS. But) I'm pretty pleased with the results. I put aluminum foil inside the points to make the points curve/bend.

(Photo of Trixie with her hair in pigtails)

Trixie's hair does a curving thing without aluminum foil. Fixing her hair in the morning has really become one of the highlights of having a daughter (as opposed to sons) so far. This is a surprise: I LOVE playing with her hair and putting it up in funny little ponytails! Of course, I could do this on a son, but 1) it would be unusual, 2) my sons really don't even seem to like having their hair brushed, 3) my sons never had the patience that Trixie seems to have.

With most of the toys packed away, Trixie is patiently becoming a master on one of the few toys to be left out: legos. Forget duplos, forget ages 3 and up, and forget special girl pink legos, this 21 month-old's just going to go for it. I credit both her lego obsessed brothers for giving her access and baby led weaning for giving me the confidence to let her play.

(Photos of Trixie's lego skills)

Mattias has been playing almost exclusively with this for about a week now: a new wood pirate ship, crafted at Tinker Time at the Craftsman and Apprentice. Can I mention how much I love this place: the philosophy, the workshop space, the projects? So cool!

(Mattias and his super-cool pirate ship)


Pregnantly Plump said...

The hat's very cool! We got more than 7 inches of snow today, so we're just now getting to try out playing in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Mattias, that pirate ship is really cool!
Great to have such a place as Craftsman and Apprentice. You remember that German guy who stopped by last weekend? He loves to build things out of wood, too...