Saturday, February 7, 2015


I do believe the construction is starting to take its toll on us.  I would describe it – not as an obstacle – but more like something that is creating drag on our daily life.

We're kind of sickly around here, as I alluded to in my last post. I suspect the dust with lowering our body's defenses. I'm usually the one who doesn't get sick, but this time, I've got it as well. It's a good reminder of how not-fun it is to be sick.

This week's construction wrapped up with permit inspections. On Monday, the drywall arrives and installation begins. Drywall is a notoriously dirty part of construction, so I'm looking forward to it with a fair amount of dread.

The thing I miss the most about our house right now is the whole house fan. Do you have a whole house fan? If not, may I recommend one? I didn't realize how much I depend on and use ours (yes, even in the middle of winter) until this construction began.

A whole house fan is basically huge fan that mounts in the ceiling under the attic. It pulls air from inside the house and pushes it out vents in the attic. Sometimes, whole house fans are called attic fans mistakenly. A true attic fan vents only the attic, but a whole house fan vents the entire house. To use a whole house fan, you have to open some windows, and a fair amount of draft is created. But all the air within the house is exchanged for air from outside the house in a matter of minutes. Precisely seven minutes for our house. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to exchange all the stale air in the house with fresh air in seven minutes. In the summer, we can use it almost exclusively to cool the house. (Almost exclusively. I could write a whole post on how to use the whole house fan most effectively in the summer.)

Even in the winter, when it's cold outside, we still use our whole house fan. I find that the fresh (cold) air in the house will warm up relatively quickly as it comes in contact with warm surfaces like walls and floors. While you might rightly say, "You're letting all the warm air out!" by running the whole house fan in the winter, there are many days that I would prefer some fresh, cold air over warm, stale air. Also - Colorado always get a few warm days midwinter. Like now. It's 72ยบ F and sunny.

 During the construction, with all the dust, I've found myself wanting to run the whole house fan more than ever. Sadly, the electrician turned off that particular circuit a couple weeks ago. Also, there are so many holes poked all over the walls and ceiling that running the fan might mean blowing insulation around the house. Not good. So we wait. And we try to get out of the house as much as possible.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm sorry you're feeling bad. Hopefully, the drywall stuff will go quickly. We did the mudding and patching ourselves, and it took us a long time. It was super messy, but since you have pros, I bet they'll be able to keep some of the dusty mess at bay.

Idena said...

Sorry you're all not well. :(

I have an attic fan, and yes, mistakenly thought it was a whole house fan (my sister had one in her first house and loved it). I would love to replace all the air in the house whenever I wanted to.