Monday, January 12, 2015


Somehow this weekend, we managed to get an enormous amount of stuff packed away and out of the way for construction to begin.

One of the biggest debates Fritz and I had was whether or not to use the garage for storing stuff from the basement. Fritz wanted to use the garage. I wanted to put the basement stuff upstairs, adjacent to the renovation, in the space which we weren't going to be using anyway. Fritz didn't want to haul everything up another flight of stairs. I didn't want to give up my parking spot in the garage in the middle of winter.

The kids were mostly well-behaved all weekend. Once or twice we had to rely on this babysitter. I'm sure you've met her.

(Photo of kids staring mindlessly at television)

I won the garage argument. Although, I think we both lost in having so much STUFF in the first place. I wish we'd done a better job purging. Somehow, in the pressure to just get it done, we stopped being selective enough with what stays and what goes.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Is it getting started then? I hope it goes well! Yay!