Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reverberation & Holes

I always forget: disruption in the schedule reverberates for a few days before and after. Fritz came back from Germany, but then there was so much work for him to catch up on that he was barely home. The kids stopped being sick, but they stopped being sick slowly, not like someone switched a light and they were suddenly better.

So anyway, NOW, now we are finally back to what feels like a normal routine. Today there is a huge storm in the northeast and my parents and brothers are probably feeling pretty miserable: BUT! here, in Colorado, the forecast says 70s. Noah begged me to wear shorts today and I let him. Although...I fussed about the shorts enough that he packed a pair of jeans in his backpack to appease me.

I hope this is a nice, long January thaw, because I really want to sit outside and soak it up for several days. For now, I refuse to look at the extended forecast and see my hopes dashed.

The renovation continues to move along. I've never been on the client side of a project like this; I find it quite fascinating. It feels almost too easy to just sit here and let someone else do the work (and worrying)! I kind of like it, to be honest.

(Photo of Mattias and Noah starring at holes in the floor)

That said, the electrical and plumbing work are not nearly as fun to watch as demolition and framing. Seemingly random holes are popping up all over our house. I find it disturbing. Every new hole I think about all the work to fix each hole and make it blend in with the wall/floor/whatever and I feel...grumpy. We won't be the ones fixing it. But sometimes, I'm not sure how I would fix it, if I had to. Which concerns me. How will they fix that? I wonder. Is the future floor going to creak in that spot? 

Wait! Didn't I just type that I'm not worrying? Clearly, I'm worrying some. Well. It's still easier than doing it ourselves.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Glad the weather's nice for you! We had it in the 60s last week, and that is my type of January.
Hope you guys are getting settled into a new routine.

Idena said...

After weeks of below freezing temps, I let my youngest put on shorts when it hit 40. Felt like a heatwave!