Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Holding down the Fort, Spaghetti Photos

This past week, Fritz went to Germany, while I stayed home with the kids. Fritz went for his mother's 70th birthday party.

Fritz referred to his trip as three days, because that's how long he was in Germany.

Fritz's mother kept saying that she hoped his arriving flight wasn't delayed because he'd miss his return flight.

To me, the trip was five days, because I fed the kids and tucked them into bed five times without Fritz.

During the time Fritz was gone, Mattias got sick, had to be picked up at school, and then didn't head back to school for the rest of the week. Trixie caught whatever Mattias had. She went through a 10 hour span of throwing up (or dry heaving) every 30 minutes, because, you know, toddlers can barely hold it together when they get stomach viruses. Noah didn't get sick, but only partially managed to keep his newish-defiant-on-all-fronts-attitude in line.

I was in a pretty dark place by the time Fritz finally came home.

At some point in there, my aunt called and asked "How are you doing?" in the most emphatic way you can imagine. But she didn't know about Fritz being gone or the kids being sick. She was talking about the renovation.

Right, the renovation.

My mother informs me that renovation is one of the most stressful things a marriage can go through. We're on week two of construction. Maybe the construction will get worse. But for the moment, construction seems effortless next to getting all that stuff packed away and a traveling father and stomach viruses. There's noise and dust with renovation; but we have a lot of those things with the kids, anyway.

My parents ask for construction updates.

Framing upstairs is substantially done. Electricians are untangling "the spaghetti" today. (That means they are relocating all the wiring for switches, outlets, etc.) Here's what it looks:

New bedroom from the "outside"

New bedroom from the outside again.
I narrowed the bedroom a little from the plan because when I was walking around up
there post demolition, I decided I wanted the entry to the bedroom hallway to feel a wee bit more gracious. 
Entry to the bedroom area. Perfect example of "spaghetti"
hanging in the middle of the entryway
More gracious than the old entry was,
and more gracious than my drawn plan.
Hallway to the bedrooms, bathroom. Used to be a closet.
From the new, enlarged bathroom into the hallway.
Linen closet is against the white wall at the far end of the hallway.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm so sorry about the sick kids! That's so rough. But the renovation looks great. I hope your workers will be able to start with your job and complete it. Here, the contractors kind of start lots of jobs, and then work in short bursts with long lags in between. It's frustrating. But the new wall frames look great! And I love the floors!

Idena said...

Sorry about the sickness and solo parenting part. But exciting to see the framed walls of the new room!

Katie said...

Hopefully everyone's feeling better, and these unexpected warm winter days allow you to open some windows and bring in fresh air. Very exciting to see the renovation progress!