Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Demolition can go fast.

It's noisy, it's messy, but it's so very exciting (to me). I stand amid the dust and see that I made the right decision. YES. It's an improvement, for sure.

I have to refrain myself from sitting upstairs watching the progress. Nevermind sitting, give me a crowbar, I'll pry off some drywall, too.

I sneak up there a couple time a day, balancing Trixie on my hip, just to see.

Not everyone feels the same. Fritz didn't express a desire to go upstairs when he came home.

Mattias opted for the lego table when I invited him to come up with me.

Noah crept behind me. Then his voice got rather weepy and he informed me that he liked it just fine the way it was before. Why do we have to go and change it?


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting, I would be itching to go upstairs the whole time, too!
Did you make the plans yourself?

Ann Wyse said...

(I did!)

Idena said...

If I was there I'd sneak upstairs all the time too! It's exciting!