Thursday, December 11, 2014

If you give Noah a Noel...

Last weekend, Mattias and Fritz took off for ski lessons on the mountain while Noah, Trixie and I decorated for Christmas. In this house, Noah is the leading contestant for the role of The Mouse in the book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie." Trying to do something that requires a little bit of extra organization and focus (like decorating) with my Mouse and my Toddler made for, well, madness.

Here's an example: When you give Noah some stockings to hang, he'll hang some blankets and umbrellas to make a fort.

How about another? If you ask Noah to decorate, he'll decorate a table with some blue tape and call it a boat.

And this: If you ask him to use the blue tape responsibly, he'll make a door and window. For the boat.

Right. So as you can see, decorating kind of goes sideways (or backwards) here at the Wyse home.

Other highlights of the weekend included:
  • Cookies that melted in the oven because I wasn't paying attention to ingredients or Noah. Take your pick. 
  • A walkie-talkie that stole a ride to our house buried inside the Christmas tree. It was still jabbering away when we got home, "Attention associates! <garble garble garble>!" 
  • A half decorated Christmas tree that fell over on Noah. He's fine.
  • A broken "Pregnant Angel" tree topper, given to us by my aunt. Oh well, I decided, we're done with pregnancy around here, and I swept the angel into the trash. "We need to give her a proper burial!" proclaimed my aunt, a tear in her eye. 
  • Christmas strings of lights that had to be untangled and placed on the tree TWICE. Gah! Is it time to get a fake tree yet? "No!" answers Fritz, who was skiing while I wrangled the mess into decoration.
  • A non-sleeping toddler. She's teething. Or has a cold. Or is freaked out by all the changes around the house. Hmmm...maybe all three.
We're still a little sleep deprived and messy around here.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I think his Christmas decorations are very neat. It's a different way to look at Christmas d├ęcor. I kind of prefer blue to green and red anyway. Did you take the walkie talkie back? That's funny.

Ann Wyse said...

We did take the walkie talkie back. I was immediately worried that the nice guy who had helped us load the tree would be punished for losing it. Fritz thought I was way too uptight, and I should have had some fun first. Like saying into it: "Attention associates! We just received word the President of the United States will be visiting our store this afternoon. Please begin scrubbing the floor with your toothbrushes."

Funny! But I never even thought of doing that.

twisterfish said...

Oh I love the way he decorated! That made me smile. Glad you took pictures.