Thursday, December 18, 2014

Drive Safely, Fakes, Candy

For about a week, Mattias has been sick with something. The details are not actually interesting but they are still managing to absorb huge amounts of time and energy. So let's talk about something else.

Have you noticed a lot of crazy driving lately? Here in the Denver area, I've noticed a significant uptick in bad driving habits in just the last three days. Running red lights, rolling through stop signs, more cell phone usage than normal, speeding and tailgating. I get it: the holidays are stressful, people are trying to Get Things Done. I watched a driver pull over to the side of the road to let a tailgating car pass the other day. It was such a nonagressive, simple solution to the problem. I've never done it before; but I think I will the next time I have a tailgater. I want no part in the driving madness.

We don't have a fireplace, and every year at Christmastime I want one. I even pine (haha!) over silly portable ones in Home Depot. Fritz sighs deeply, "Fake tree, fake fireplace, what's next?" He sent me this link for a tabletop fireplace. Yup. Sign me up. I'll take it. (Just kidding, it's not big enough for the stockings.)

Speaking of the stockings, I'm filling the stockings with really boring stuff like toothpaste and toothbrushes and underwear this year. I do this every year and I think nothing of it. Even if I filled the stockings with toys, the kids tend to be on such overload that they barely notice what's in the stockings. So it might as well be stuff I have to buy anyway. But I did buy some lollipops from Hammonds. Hammonds is a local, small batch candy maker. I'd never heard of them before we moved to Denver, but they do sell all over the US. Their candies are like beautiful works of art. I especially love rifling through all their old fashion candy styles: like the stuff my great grandmother had in the drawer beside her bed in the nursing home. Or these ribbon candies. I had to sample a little bit of what I bought this year... and the taste is amazingly pure, melty sugar. It's nothing like the chemical aftertaste stuff you buy at the checkout in the grocery store. I forgot candy could be so wonderful.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm sorry you've got a sickie. I hope it doesn't spread! And I always think all drivers are bad. They all confuse me and make me fuss at them.

life's a bear said...

We have stockings for the first time EVER. Because this is our first year staying home for Christmas. Ever. We don't have a fireplace either, so I've just been moving the stockings around so they don't get dirty - on the desk, on the kitchen table, on the kitchen counter, on the dining room table. Last night, I'd had enough of the clutter (because we also have family staying with us - two extra toddlers running around and all of their STUFF). I put the stockings on ribbons and put them in the window in the dining room. It certainly doesn't have the same feel as a fireplace, but at least they aren't traveling from place to place any more. I went overboard with crap to put in them. I don't even know how it happened. Usually, I'm very reserved with gift giving. Somehow this year I've found all sorts of little stuff to stick in their stockings. I think it's safe to say that everyone will be overwhelmed.

Ann Wyse said...

Hurray for stockings! I bet your kids will love them. Sounds like it will be magical chaos at your house (Although, I'm not really envious of your extra toddlers - no offense! ;-))

Idena said...

We have a fireplace that we don't use (I'm afraid of fire). If I could send it to you, I would. :)

I love purchasing little things for the kids' stockings. That's my favorite part of Christmas shopping.