Friday, November 7, 2014

That Solved That

The Switch Witch visited us.

"Who is that?" the contractor (foreshadowing!) asks.

"It's like Santa Claus," I tell him.

Her rules worked like this: the night of Halloween, the kids can eat as much candy as they want. Then they put all the rest out for the Switch Witch. She takes all the candy and leaves them a non-food present.

When my neighbor first told me about the Switch Witch, I was skeptical. What kind of lesson is that teaching? I thought. Well, I'm still not sure. But now that she has visited our house, I LOVE THE SWITCH WITCH! The kids woke up the next morning and were still excited, but there wasn't lingering candy that I/they/we agonized over for days/weeks. It was simply gone!

The Switch Witch was a little worried about what she was going to do with all that candy. The answer came in the form of a late-in-the-evening 6 foot tall trick-or-treater. He dumped a whole bowl of Switch Witch candy that had been left on the dark front porch into his bag.

That Solved That.

Ragedy Ann (not me!) and friends

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