Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cliff Dwellings in Manitou Springs

The boys had a long weekend, so we headed down to Manitou Springs to check out the cliff dwellings.  

We've attempted this trip several times in the last few years; this is the first time that our plans have coincided with the cliff dwellings being open. Relative to Mesa Verde, the cliff dwellings in Manitou Springs are small and very commercial. There's 800 sf of museum attached to 3200 sf of gift shop, for example. And the teepee, below? The sign admitted it pretty much had nothing to do with the ancient cliff-dwelling Pueblos. Also, all the text refers to the Native Americans who lived here as "Anasazi," a name which we learned in Mesa Verde is not favored by the modern day (Pueblo) descendants.

[photo removed]

But, WOW! You could really climb around in the Manitou Springs cliff dwellings in a way you just can't the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. One child was pretty much born to live in this location. She had to be dragged away.

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I really, really like all the Pueblo black and white pottery. These photo aren't great because I was taking them through glass, but you get the idea.

Love the way this one plays with the negative-white space.
This was also our first longish trip in the new car. It feels quite spacious and high, for a car that is more or less a station wagon. Surprisingly, I think we have room to grow into it: especially when Trixie can be forward facing again.


Anonymous said...

Seems like you got your new car almost faster than the other one was repaired...congrats! (wishing you many years without accidents)

Ann Wyse said...

Thank you! Yes, it's true. I'm not sure if that says good things about the new car + dealership, or bad things about the old car + auto body shop.